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Healthy life:

Personal trainer, supplements consultant, working out, nutrition with Tomas Bures or Lena Geare online or you can book your personal trainer for your stay in the Czech Republic. You can book your “Sporty Friend” in case you would like to have a sporty vacation in the Czech Republic and you don't have anybody who would like to run with you in the morning or do any other sports with you during the day. Your “Sporty Friend” will keep you company in all the sports you will want to do.


Do you need your own guide to show you all the beauties of the Czech Republic or do you want to know the history of Prague, visit castles, the best restaurants and more?

Your own photographer:

Will you visit the Czech Republic together with your family or friends? Will you have some nice trip or a party? You could use the service of our photographer taking your pictures for your memories.

Friends for Fun:

Will you come to Prague alone and would you like to attend some party or simply have a drink and chat with somebody? We can provide you with a “Friend for Fun” who will join you in your free time to keep you company and relax with you.

Translator & Interpreter

Do u have meeting or need write for example official letter ? We can help you ! We offer you quality Translator and Interpreter who have alot experience in this line ! We believe that you will be satisfied. We do translations this languages: Czech, English, German.  

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