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Welcome to Lena's Consultancy Website

Lena's consultancy is about Lifestyle, Healthy Life, Beauty, Nutrition, Working out and more. We will teach you how to prepare and take healthy meals and take care of yourself. ARE YOU TRAVELING TO THE CZECH REPUBLIC?? You can have your own Personal Trainer online on our web or one during your stay in the Czech Republic, Friends for Fun, Sporty Friends, Guide who will show you the beauties of the Czech Republic, who knows the history of Prague and more. Photographer, who will take photos from the trips with your Family or Friends just for you if you come to Prague, Interpreter & Translator, who can help you with your language and we offer you Car Rental as well.

RENT A CAR - You can rent one of our cars (Hyundai i30 CW) for your trips. You can book the car just from your country before leaving and it will wait for you at the airport when you will arrive to the Czech Republic.

!! ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINER !! Do you live in other country? Would you like to have your own Personal Trainer but you are shy or have a different problem? We have a Personal Trainer who can help with your training, nutrition and supplements...just for you





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